Review: Mikasa Beauty Brush Sets

I love trying new products, especially new brushes. Recently I ordered the Mikasa Beauty make up brushes, and (spoiler alert) I love them!

The brush sets that I will be reviewing are the 8 piece- essential kit, 4 piece- essential eye set and kabuki lemon set.

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First of all, the packaging looks amazing. I especially love that it has rose gold details on the side.

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Also, everything is nicely packaged in plastic.

8 piece-essential kit: face/complexion brushes

The 8 piece-essential kit is a set of eight brushes, which comes with four face brushes, four eyeshadow brushes and a travel case. The eyeshadow brushes in this kit are the same ones you get in the 4 piece essential eye set.

F200 – duo fibre finishing brush

This brush is definitely my favourite brush, it makes applying foundation the easiest task. The duo fibre brush does not leave any streaks, and gives a light yet even coverage. If you prefer a more heavy coverage, just stipple instead of buffing in the foundation. The brush is made from a mix of pure high grade natural goat hair, and straight synthetic hair.

F100 – powder brush

I prefer large powder brushes, because usually I have to set my entire face as I tend to get really oily. So personally I really like this brush. The bristles are soft, made out of natural goat hair, and the brush helps with mattifying my face without picking up too much product at once. If you prefer a smaller brush to powder with, you could easily use this brush to apply bronzer with.

F111 – blush brush

I know it says blush brush, but I love this one for powder contouring as well. The brush is similar to the F100 powder brush, but a bit more dome shaped. These bristles are made out of goat hair as well. A nice and soft multi-purpose brush.

E220 – concealer brush

I tend to use duo fibre brushes, or sponges to apply my undereye concealer with. I tried it with this brush, and I like it for applicating. I do still blend it out with a sponge afterwards. Also, this brush is nice to carve out your cheek bones, or any other contour mapping you like to do, before blending it all out. It is made out of synthetic hair, which makes it easier to wash out the cream products after using the brush.

8 piece – essential kit/4 piece- essential eye set: eyeshadow brushes

E300 – blending brush

From the eye brushes, this one is definitely my favourite one. As you can see, I have two of them: one came with the 8 piece- essential kit and the other one with the 4 piece- essential eye set. This one is also made out of natural goat hair, and blends out eyeshadow like a dream. I use it to either blend out the crease, or to apply a wash of colour all over the lid. However, I also like to do some (natural) contouring with this brush, ever so lightly under the cheek bones.

E230 – eye shader brush

This brush is made out of white pure high grade natural goat hair, and reminds me of the ZOEVA luxe smoky shader brush. However, this one is fluffier. I like to use one of the brushes to apply my eyeshadow base with, and then set it with another E230 brush.

E100 – angled liner brush

For me a good angled liner brush is an essential in my everyday make up routine. Made of straight, synthetic hair this brush works with either creamy products or powders. You can either apply gel liner with this brush, or brow pomades. I like to use mine with either my dipbrow pomade or eyebrow powders. The only thing about the gel liner, is that I could not make a sharp wing with it. But to just line the eye, this works great.

E310 – pencil brush

The last one of the eye brushes: the pencil brush. This one is made out of natural white goat hair, and is a nice soft brush to apply some colour into the outter V of your eye. Or to smoke out your lower lashline. This one is softer than the one I own by ZOEVA, so I will be using this one a lot more since the eye area is such a delicate area anyway.

Kabuki lemon set

The kabuki lemon set contains the lemon drop sponge and a kabuki brush.


S100 – lemon drop

I love how soft the sponge is! I used to own a sponge like it, but I remember feeling like it was too rough, compared to my beauty blender. This one is very soft, I use it to blend out my concealer (and contour sometimes).

F250 – kabuki brush

The kabuki brush actually feels similar to the DIOR kabuki brush, that I received along with a limited edition blusher. It is a nice, dense brush. I usually take a kabuki brush with me, in my purse. I love it for touch ups, and even applying blusher on the go.

All in all, I love the brushes and have already been using them on a daily basis ever since I got them. Also, I have washed them: they do not shed! They do take a bit longer to dry, but that is usually the case with brushes made out of natural hair. I would definitely recommend them.

If you are interested in trying the brushes, or brush sets then you can order them on: Mikasa Beauty

I also have a coupon code for you, for a 15% discount on all brushes: “RYMZBEAUTY15”

I hope you enjoyed my review, and if you have any other questions let me know in the comments below!


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